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Article: Is a Chanel Classic Flap Bag a good investment?

Is a Chanel Classic Flap Bag a good investment?

Is a Chanel Classic Flap Bag a good investment?

Let’s talk about the iconic, timeless Chanel classic flap bag, this statement piece of the Chanel collective has become a quintessential bag in the brand's history. It showcases Chanel’s DNA and brings together history, luxury, and craftsmanship which is why it’s as popular today as it was when it first launched.

Originally designed by Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel in 1955, the Chanel bag came into existence due to her frustration of having to hold onto her purse throughout the night. To alleviate this inconvenience, she ingeniously incorporated a strap, allowing for hands-free convenience. Prior to this innovation, handbags were solely meant to be carried by hand. In the 1980s, Karl Lagerfeld further enhanced the design by introducing the iconic CC turn lock. These bags, known as the "Timeless Classic" collection by Chanel, possess a unique charm that makes owning one truly special.

If you are considering buying a luxury designer handbag, Chanel is one of the few brands that will likely increase in value rather than depreciate the moment it leaves the store. A Chanel Classic Flap maintained in excellent condition has increased on average 10-15% per annum, making it an attractive and stable investment. Prices on the resale and second-hand market have also consistently moved higher along with retail prices - so you can be confident that should you wish to sell your Chanel bag in the future, you are going to see a return on your investment – what’s not to like?

Have you considered purchasing a Pre-loved Chanel Classic Flap Bag?

Chanel have just had another price increase, the cost of a Medium Classic Flap Bag purchased directly from Chanel is now £8,850.  You can purchase a pre-owned, vintage one in excellent condition from The Luxury Collector for around £4,500, a fraction of the original price! A vintage model also features 24ct gold plated hardware, something Chanel discontinued in 2008 making these vintage pieces even more collectible.

Chanel classic flap bags have a timeless and iconic design. They’re the perfect addition to your wardrobe regardless of age or season, making this bag an investment piece and a long-wear item that can be passed down through generations.

One of the wonderful aspects of owning a Chanel bag, whether that be new or pre-loved, is that not only do you get to enjoy wearing and using it, but it also continues to increase in value over time and provides a safeguard against inflation.

In the words of the Chanel brand itself “the price of a Chanel bag reflects not only a sense of exclusivity, but also our values.

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