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Choosing to purchase a pre-loved handbag instead of a new one is a sustainable and ethical choice. When you purchase a vintage bag you are discouraging the production of more bags, which ultimately means less waste whilst at the same time you’re also extending the life cycle of the piece you have purchased meaning it doesn’t get fast tracked to landfill. Research shows that buying a pre-owned designer bag rather than a new bag saves over 8kg of carbon dioxide emissions and 22 litres of water. With that in mind when you need a new bag, make a conscious choice to purchase second hand and be part of a  larger effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce your environmental impact and support the circular economy. 

Here at TLC we care about a more sustainable future so we have partnered with Ecologi to help offset our carbon dioxide. When you purchase from us at check out you also have the option to plant a tree for as little as 24p each.